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Psionic Automotive

Unlike time-of-flight lidar, Doppler lidar performance attributes meet automotive performance requirements for safety and reliability.

Psionic Doppler Lidar™ technology measures a target's distance, heading and speed of travel.  It significantly outperforms other technologies in nearly all weather conditions.

Speed is 1000s of times faster than time-of-flight
Range is more than 10x time-of-flight
Immune to light interference, including from other lidar units

Psionic Doppler Lidar is available in several different patent-pending configurations:

Reference Sensor—Providing vehicle ground speed, direction and pose without accumulated drift

Fidelity Sensor—Augmenting camera + radar sensing in the forward path with high precision object detection and verification

Lumen Sensor—An imaging sensor creating a dense point cloud around the vehicle

Perimeter Sensor—Short-range, chip-based vehicle sensing for ADAS 3-4 applications

Psionic automotive sensors are not subject to ITAR and classified under the Export Administration Regulations as EAR99, being available to national and international OEMs and suppliers.  Interested customers, upon qualification, can receive technical demonstrations and production units are not expected to 2020.  Please reach Rajeev Kumar, VP Automotive.

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