AIRTAXI World Congress

Raffles Istanbul Hotel, Turkey

Sep 13
AIRTAXI World Congress

Advanced Air Mobility/ Urban Air Mobility is rapidly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Air taxis/ urban eVTOLs (vertical take-off & landing) have now formed a new line of business for airports, airlines, cities and much more.  The future of air mobility is to relieve traffic congestion and enable intercity, intracity and inter-airport connections.

AIRTAXI World Congress - the world's first vertical air show, will bring the entire air taxi and urban eVTOL industry together to share best practice and network in person. This is the main event of the eVTOL ecosystem.

This second Congress covers the latest challenges and opportunities facing this new industry and features actual air taxis and urban eVTOLs flying. With the 6 core elements: Analysing the key issues, Actual Demo flights, Vertical Air Show, An Exhibition & Gallery, Formal Networking between Buyers & Sellers and First Class Hospitality.

To arrange an on-site meeting, contact:

Sean Kish

President and Chief Executive Officer