Mission Grade Performance

Originally developed by NASA for the harsh environment of space, Psionic Doppler Lidar provides unmatched capabilities to meet the needs of the warfighter.


SurePath is a velocity aided INS with better-than-navigation-grade INS performance enabling positional awareness in GPS challenged environments.

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FlighPath provides non-RF altimetry and aircraft kinematics to enable safer landing.

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Object Detection

Psionic provides long range, high precision object detection with LPI/LPD for ground, maritime and aerial use cases.

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Psionic SurePath navigation during RF jamming exercise

Route showing road (white) and Psionic position determined by SurePath (red) with no GPS or other external signals of any kind.

Psionic Point of Contact

Learn more about how our capabilities, applications and technology can be adapted to your mission needs. Communications and information may be ITAR Restricted.


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Psionic’s technology improves performance, safety, and precision in the most challenging environments on Earth and in Space