Born in Space

Originally developed by NASA for autonomous lunar missions, Psionic PNDL Doppler Lidar offers extreme performance to meet your mission's needs.

Landing on Planetary Bodies

Psionic Navigation Doppler Lidar (PNDL-S) enables precision landing and is smaller and lighter than NASA generation of NDLs.

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Rendezvous & Proximity Operations

Psionic increases operational assurance by delivering instantaneous range and vector velocity with cm-level accuracy for on-orbit operations.

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Surface Navigation

Psionic SurePath is a greater-than-navigation-grade INS for non-GPS rover or EVA activities.

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Developing and Testing Navigation Doppler Lidar (NDL)

Navigation Doppler Lidar (23 minutes)

NASA Langley Research Center’s development of Navigation Doppler Lidar (NDL), the underlying technology used in Psionic Navigation Doppler Lidar. [NASA, February 14, 2020]

Navigation Doppler Lidar (6 minutes)

Testing Navigation Doppler Lidar (NDL) aboard Masten Space Systems’ Xodiac as part of the Co-Operative Blending of Autonomous Landing Technologies (COBALT) system. [NASA, June 13, 2017]

Psionic Space Point of Contact

Learn more about how our capabilities, applications and technology can be adapted to your mission needs. Communications and information may be ITAR Restricted.


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Psionic’s technology improves performance, safety, and precision in the most challenging environments on Earth and in Space