Rep. Elaine Luria and Mayor Donnie Tuck visit Psionic


Jul 27, 2022
Steve Sandford, founder & CTO of Psionic engaging Rep. Elanie Lauria (D-VA) and Mayor Donnie Tuck in a tour of Psionic facilities.

HAMPTON, VA, July 27, 2022— Yesterday, Rep. Elaine Luria and Mayor Donnie Tuck of Hampton, Virginia toured the Psionic labs and facilities and interacted with the Psionic staff.

Psionic is a private company that was founded in 2016 by along-time NASA engineer, Steve Sandford, and deals with space, defense, and other contracts and is a leader in interplanetary landings and navigation. The tour started around noon.

Rep. Luria and Mayor Tuck were both brief on Psionic’s navigation technology and sensors and engaged in conversation about the company and the technology we are working on.

We were excited to host the Congresswoman and the Mayor and thank then both for visiting Psionic.

Steve Sandford engaging Rep. Luria in a tour of Psionic labs.
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