Sensing Like No Others

Psionic can detect objects at long range (10km+) with low power (1W or less) maintaining cm-level of range and velocity resolution, high-signal-to-noise ratio and is difficult to detect or disrupt.  This fundamental performance advantage unlocks new possibilities.


FlighPath provides non-RF altimetry and aircraft kinematics to enable safer landing.

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Object Detection

Psionic provides long range, high precision object detection with LPI/LPD for ground, maritime and aerial use cases.

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Psionic high precision velocity readings materially enhance the quality of your gravimetric surveys.

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Landing on Planetary Bodies

Psionic Navigation Doppler Lidar (PNDL-S) enables precision landing and is smaller and lighter than NASA generation of NDLs.

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Rendezvous & Proximity Operations

Psionic increases operational assurance by delivering instantaneous range and vector velocity with cm-level accuracy for on-orbit operations.

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Surface Navigation

Psionic SurePath is a greater-than-navigation-grade INS for non-GPS rover or EVA activities.

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Long distance test results

Psionic coherent detection allows extremely long range navigation and situational awareness performance.

Performance fundamentals like no other

Our model calibration measurements over many kilometers in the marine layer of Hampton Roads indicates operation at 10 km horizontally and 12 km vertically.

Psionic’s technology improves performance, safety, and precision in the most challenging environments on Earth and in Space