Rendezvous & Proximity Operations

Reduce time, SWAP and increase safety with Psionic

Psionic’s latest generation PNDL-RPO sensor system provides customers the unique abilities to measure range, radial velocity, pose, pose dynamics, and satellite location data from long distances. This next generation technology may reduce the number of sensors, allows direct approach vectors, reducing spacecraft time to target with propellant savings.


  • Precise and safe RPO and docking
  • Port safety monitoring, providing abort and forensics data
  • SSA / SDA applications
  • Space Tug / Satellite servicing
  • Extension of on-orbit life of existing satellites
  • Orbital debris mitigation / clean up
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  • 100x more sensitive than conventional lidar
  • Provides simultaneous high-resolution velocity and range measurements
  • Superior signal-to-noise performance for high confidence measurements
  • Up to 2 km ranging
  • Orientation of target (attitude) within 1 km with multiple spots on target
  • Flexible design allows electronics to be housed internally while optics are strategically placed on spacecraft surface
  • Greater safety, accuracy, and mission success in docking, navigating, landing and avoiding hazards
  • Greater measurement accuracy reduces spacecraft time to target
  • Even at low signal level, superior signal-to-noise performance provides high accuracy measurements

Psionic’s technology improves performance, safety, and precision in the most challenging environments on Earth and in Space