Space. Defense. Automotive

Psionic makes it possible for your device or application to understand its surroundings, such as the range, speed, and vector velocity of objects around it as well as those far away. With extraordinary accuracy. At very high speeds.

Originally designed for lunar landers, Psionic improves the safety and precision of landing and docking in space and of autonomous vehicles both here on Earth and on other planets.

For our nation’s military, Psionic provides increased lethality and survivability across a wide range of applications.


Psionic perception— delivers more than the eye can see.

Perception is awareness—to a toddler, planet, incoming missile. But not all is visible, close, or slow. Psionic has got ya.


Psionic performance— unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Psionic offers unprecedented range, resolution, and fidelity for mission- grade applications.


Psionic products— applications on land, sea, air, and space.

Robust, adaptable technology that can enhance your product’s capabilities in space, defense, or automotive.

Psionic Space

Psionic Defense

Consumer / Industrial

Psionic Corporate