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FPGA Engineer

Hampton, Virginia

Serve as a digital electronics design engineer and provide electronics design and development efforts for second-generation lidar to support defense and space contracts as well as the fast-moving autonomous vehicle sector.

Projects include lab demonstrations, field measurement campaigns, and prototypes for potential customers for testing in their systems. Work requires high-speed digital electronics board and system-level design including the development of systems that incorporate microprocessors, microcontrollers, memory systems, complex interfaces, and field-programmable gate arrays.

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Senior Optical Engineer

Hampton, Virginia

Serve as an Electro-optical Engineer working on cutting edge coherent Doppler lidar and instrumentation based on Doppler measurements. You will use hands-on experience building laboratory prototypes and production hardware as well as computer modeling to accelerate development of second-generation lidar to support the fast-moving autonomous vehicle sector, defense applications, and space-based navigation.

You will lead projects that include system and component modeling and experimentation to correlate model results with laboratory and flight campaigns measurements. Work requires electronics and optics knowledge, algorithm development, controls systems knowledge, coding experience, and a system generalist’s mindset to rigorously capture the current system performance as well as potential and actual future improvements.

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