A Fundamentally New Approach to Inertial Navigation

Psionic navigation systems provide precise and accurate navigation state data to establish both relative and absolute motion and position. It complements GPS or provides comparable performance when GPS is spoofed or jammed.

SurePath is velocity-aided inertial navigation

SurePath functions side-by-side with existing navigation systems, detects when GPS is spoofed or jammed, and provides “grade-jumping” performance over other INS-based navigation solutions.

Delivering unprecedented performance

off road test

Off-Road Test

Military Test Facility / July 2021 / .6 Miles / ~12 Minutes

surface road test

Surface Road Test

Hampton, Virginia / July 2021 / 3.75 Miles / ~12 Minutes

Surface Road Test

Hampton, Virginia / July 2021 / 28 Miles / ~38 Minutes

Over any terrain

SurePath operates on the ground, in the air and over the water, and over any surface or terrain.

Ground Vehicles

Air: Low Altitude

Air: Medium Altitude

Air: High Altitude

Dismounted Troops

Planetary Landers

Fantastically augmenting other navigation technologies

Whether utilizing GPS, SLAM, TRN or APNT, Psionic SurePath provides fidelity and resiliency to your guidance & navigation system.

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Psionic’s technology improves performance, safety, and precision in the most challenging environments on Earth and in Space